Triumph rider heckles gay Bishop

They had to remove him, as it looked like he was going to bash the Bishop. . .

The bike thinks he is Moses as evidenced by a Bible passage declaring that "the roar of MosesTriumph was heard in the hills.’’ :smiley:

I’ll get me coat;)

As the representative of GTRUK (gay triumph riders uk) we wholeheartedly condemn this outrage.

Bishops gay or otherwise should have the freedom to wear pink frocks if they deem it suitable attire.

We regularly bash our bishop in the privacy of our own clubhouse.


Glad of the support from GKTMRUK?

we’re here to guard ya rear js;)

Baaaa Humbug

I saw that on the news. It’s amazing what Triumph will do these days for some product placement :wink:
Long haired homophobic catolics must be a major target market :stuck_out_tongue:

When i bought my trumpet, the dealer told me that it wasnt just a bike it was a “lifestyle”… he wasnt ******** me was he…

I’m wetting myself looking at some of the responses here… but on a more serious note, its a bit sad, there is a time and a place and I dont think the activist chose the right time to challenge him… just my tuppence!

At least the audience got involved. My Gran would have waded in and sorted out the long haired git

God willing!

no doubt the cyclist freaks are going to latch on to this and use it in the accusations that we are unsafe and should be banned from bus lanes…

Only if your nails are split!

Blimey, those Christians eh? Hustling him out of the church? Whatever happened to turning the other cheek etc?

Trust a Trumpet rider to stand up and be counted! Defenders of the faith?

Like the idea of having to have security men hustle him out, anybody remember the Monty Python church police? Amen,amen,amen?

Sold mine.:stuck_out_tongue:

haha my boss is in that video the last person you see walking to the back at the end in the blue button up shirt:)

Must be a rough church to have SIA qualified crowd control :smiley: Truimph recall and what happens if you dont reply. :smiley:

Or is it another fuggin yank over here tellin’ us our business.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m ashamed he’s taken the good word in vain. I refer of course to the word “triumph”. :smiley:

I love it when religious nuts go at each other: if they just all wiped each other and left the rest of us (who left fairytales behind a long time ago) in peace: the world would be a better place.

As an aside: I love also how religious types barely know what’s in their books. The bit about gays (if you interpret it that way) is right next to a section on death to disobedient children and adulterers. And don’t get me started on the bloody muslims: we’re still flat out on trying to get them to admit their misogynistic views on women are messed up: then after we stop them from turning women into black sacks (that you can beat if they disobey) we then have to get them to admit that gays are human also.

Ban religion I say, the world can at least fight about earthly things and without a false sense of “divine right” as we do horrible things.