Triumph London

First I’ve heard of this, looks like the dealer Lind is looking to open up in Vauxhall along from where Metropolis used to be.

They took over the Jack Lilley stores in Ashford and Romford last year.

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A pleasant surprise!

Herts Triumph have also closed down in Hemel for Lind Triumph North London to open in Watford

That is 400 metres from me. Might have to walk down and have a gander.

Since when is Watford North London lol :rofl:

Parts of what you assume would be Watford are in the borough of Harrow. And a lot of the area has an 0208 area code. But you’re right the dealer is actually in Watford.

Marketing. Pure and simple.

You know Bollocks. :smiley:

And don’t even start on why it is called London Luton airport


Looks like 23rd June is the opening day

That’s nothing, I’m flying over to Dublin from London Southend airport on Thursday!

That shit annoys me as well. There is only one airport actually in London and that’s city airport.

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It’s a bit of a big boring shed but less stress than the bigger airports, parking is easy and comfortably walkable and getting there by road is no longer than Stanstead or Luton.

Quicker & cheaper to get to on the train than Stansted (I’m flying back into City airport, so going by road not an option). But its main advantage is that it isn’t Stansted.

Other than being a nuisance to get to, Stansted wasn’t too bad a few years ago, but it’s the most dreadful, soul destroying, shitheap of a place these days.

100% mate. I remember when it opened it was lovely but it’s be Ryanaired and is now beyond awful. I’ve avoided it for years.

So is the dealership going to be in Watford?
If so, do we know where?
And when is it going to open?

It’s just off the access road to the Hospital car park, opened last week I think

Had a wander down there this morning. Good selection of Triumphs range. Looks like that they have the workstation setup, but lacking in the accessories and clothing side of things.

Like the look of the Street Scrambler, and surprising the Scramber 1200.

The Scramber 1200 is something I’m tempted by.

Triumph Lind are at the Bike Shed tomorrow.

Yeah I like the new Scrambler too, but then there isn’t much in current Triumph range that I don’t like

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I hadn’t consider the 1200. Generally Triumphs tend to be on the heavy side. Pleasantly surprised that it is the same weight as the street scrambler at 204.

When I had my Speed Triple weighed it was 204kg as well with 3/4 tank of fuel.