Triumph Daytona 900 Project

Just got this in earlier but have too much on to do anything with it so thought would offer up on here before ebaying 

Is a 1996 Triumph Daytona 900 

Wanting £550 

HPI Clear Have Keys And Log Book 

Needs Exhaust, Rear Caliper And Some TLC 

TBH i havent really looked at it… just put some petrol in it and ran for few mins where got it 

Viewing Welcome In Watford 

PM For Anything Else 





That’s a bargain for someone!

These are awesome bikes. I fixed one up not too long ago. Got it off Burger, went very nicely when sorted.  Easy enough to work on and good Triumph quality. Sadly I don’t have the funds for one now, but that is a cracking good deal for someone.

Tbh it what it owes me so not actually making on it…
Just came in Job lot of bikes got and rather pass on to someone for a project then strip for parts

if I had the space…

What are the bets that Mian buys this?

it’s not as good as a vfr750 :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it is better for long distance rides. The VFR is better for city work.  (I’ve had both!).

You’re not about to convince Mian that there’s anything better than the VFR for anything at all I’m afraid. 

You're not about to convince Mian that there's anything better than the VFR for anything at all I'm afraid.  Big Red S
Especially if it's a red one with Battery issues or a white one that's been chopped into a cafe racer.

anyone before before i ebay it?