Trip to Emsworth

Just a little ride report from me. Visited a mate in Emsworth this monday and decided to take the scenic route.

From Wood Green A406 - A40 - M25 - A3 (all the boring routes). Then when’t off the A3 just south of Guildford at the B3000 by Comptom. From there the A3100 to Milford, A286 to Chichester and finally A259 to Emsworth.

The A286 through the South Downs is amazing! Very recommendable. Maybe for a future ride out?
Took the same route back the next day, just a nice.

  • Lasse

next time, try the B2146/ B2141 triangle as a short diversion…The A285 is also very good fun :slight_smile:

Have to agree with Serrisan.

I’ll try this next time :slight_smile: