Tried posting last night when I joined but no joy. Will try again!!


After brilliant riding experiences abroad on various backpacking trips I will be attempting to get a full license within the next 2 weeks at Metropolis in London. I am such an eager beaver that I have gone out and bought all my kit - Arai riding helmet, gloves, 2 jackets (not leather) will be getting those if get my full license (fingers crossed), 1 pair of leather pants without any armoury, 1 lovely pair of Sidi boots. For me getting a bike will spell freedom, freedom and more freedom

I do have a few questions to ask so I will ask them in the relevant threads


Did I hear the word ‘chocolate’?

Welcome to LB, Fawn! I’m the odd one out: I wear a full kit on a scooter!

See you at the Cubana meet soon! Good luck with passing your test!

Thanx guys

so you didnt pass first time around Weaver. That worries me slightly. I am not keen on taking the test again and again and again and plus it must cost a bit to have repeat tests after failure.

Now I am very worried…

Hiya mate.

Biggest piece of advice anyone can give ya bout ya test is, RELAX and be POSITIVE.

Is a piece of piss. Only thing stoppin ya gettin it right the first time is ya nerves.

Good luck n welcome to the madhouse.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hi there and welcome…

Drop me a pm and let me know when you are doing your DAS…

I am also doing it at Metropolis in the next two weeks as well… so hopefully we get to meet each other before then… and i bought the bike before getting the licence… so had better get it cos i have to pick it up the day after…


Welcome aboard and good luck with your DAS. As Puppy said the only thing you have to worry about is nerves, relax and you’ll sail through!

Thanx for all the warm and encouraging replies you guys!!

Will pm you with details Abbey

Don’t worry about your test, girlie, just look at this bunch here: they all passed! OK, so some of them had to sleep with the examiner, but even so…

welcome & good luck with your test!

what bike are you hoping to get?

lol @ Paivi


Sorry didnt see your post last night Rizla…

I am hoping to get a Suzuki SV650; Honda CBR400 or Suzuki Bandit. I think I will just go for the Suzuki SV650 as it seems like the safest bet for me being small and fragile and all.

Does anyone have any tips on how to pick the right bikes? I dont want to get the wrong thing or get ripped off

Good luck with the DAS Chocolatefawn

I got all my kit and my bike before I had my DAS course … would have been a right expensive ornament if I hadn’t passed !

I did pass though and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Do you know someone who knows something about bikes? Take them.

Otherwise ask us. We’ll advise certainly, mebbe even go with you to see it if someone is local and kind.

Hey Andrew

No I dont know anyone who uses bikes apart from my uncle and he is in a completely different continent.

I am sure there must be a sort of a checklist I need to follow or maybe anyone has any recommendations about who to go to.

Or if anyone has time to volunteer their I’d be eternally grateful

Hi CF - see my reply to your post in the general section re types of things to think about when buying a bike. I’m no mechanic I’m afraid but have an idea of what to check for if you need a hand?

Chocolatefawn… Welcome to LB…

The best thing to do is go and testride a few… See which feels the most comfortable to ride… You’ll feel the difference between each one…

GOOD LUCK with the test…