Tribute Ride for Roy - In Memory.

Hi People,

I am planning a tribute ride for Roy, a lot of you attended back on Mothers day and I am calling on you again.

This time a charity event ride from (TBA) to Brighton, all proceeds going to Macmillan cancer charity - they have given me full backing. - more details to follow.

The date will be Sunday 24th August 2008.

Your thoughts and initial attendance intentions will be fully appreciated,

If there was a t shirt available - would you buy one?, how much would you pay? - all proceeds to charity,

Would you be interested if this was a yearly event?

thank you, your feedback will help future rides,

B-man (Mike)

There’s this ride which happens annually which would be huge if combined, but I understand if you wanted an individual one :wink:

count me in 100% mike, i’d happily pay for and wear a t-shirt, i give whatever is asked mate.

yellow t-shirts:)

Would like to do it, but its the bank holiday weekend, and Reading festival is always on that weekend…Think that a lot of others go away that weekend as well?Maybe the weekend either side? (obviously not just for my sake, just a general suggestion…)Oh yeah and would by a T-shirt £15 is usual going rate for that? more than happy to pay £15+

count me in whatever day it is (except for the 17th when unity 3 is on )

and id pay money to wear a tshirt however much it costs

I would be up for this, but as Elad pointed out most people are away the bank holiday weekend. Including me :frowning:

If the date changes then count me in.

count me in

Absolutely!Yes to ride and a Tshirt

I’ll try not to get lost this time :smiley:

Here it is:

Dear Friends,

With the help and assistance of some very special friends I am organizing another huge ride out.

Those of you that came on Mothers Day to “Ride for Roy” Thank you, I call on you once more to “ride in Tribute to Roy” and to raise some money for the cancer charity Macmillan.

If you could not attend the last ride - you must have heard about it - we (86 bikers) brought Stanford to a stand still and all just to make a worthy man smile.

I promised Roy that this ride will be spectacular, a ride talked about for a very long time, the details are below, I would be honored if you could attend, all or part, of this ride out:

Date: SUNDAY 24th August 2008
Meeting point: Thurrock Services Car Park, M25 Essex side of the Dartford Bridge.
Meeting Time: 08:30 Hours
Leaving time: 09:00 Hours
Via: Boxhill
Destination: Brighton, Kent. For the day.

I am planning on a small auction with some great items and hopefully a raffle - If anyone wishes to donate Items they will be gratefully received and all money is going to charity.
Please email if you wish to donate items: [email protected]

I have set up a just giving page so that you know that your money is going where it is supposed too, and you can donate on the day or course.

My family will be supporting us all on the day also, they are so proud of you all and can not wait to see you all again - this time please bring some more friends and let’s make this a ride out to remember…

Best Regards, your friend,

B-man (Mike)
Flying Banana Junior.

You can also contact me on:

There is also a face book group.

count me in.

Count me in

thanks for the commitment so far,


donations extremely welcome.

I’d like to join the ride if I’m around Mike. I’d meet you all at Boxhill.

No problem with t-shirt if most of the cost goes to Macmillan.

all proceeds will go to Macmillan 100%, any costs involved are being paid for out of my own pocket.

I am trying to get a rough idea of bikes attending so please spread the word and get people to post to let me know that they are coming.

And, thank you.


I am holding a raffle for this event on Brighton seafront and I’ve got some wicked prizes, donated from various shops, and organizations all bike related, I can not wait until 24th August it’s going to be a special day for everyone!

Just a few weekends left before this special ride out takes place - there is a lot of commitment so far and I am grateful to you all.

I’ll post a reminder nearer the time.

Mike - B-man

Hey Mike,

probably count me in on this now. Not going on holiday anymore.

wicked Kevsta, drag some pals along too…please.