Tree sap: Bustard stuff.

…I managed to get the bike covered in tree sap, from a Cob Nut tree, this weekend.

Tried the popular on-line sources but WD-40 and white spirit still took 30 minutes to reasonably clean two wing mirrors and the seat ready for a decent business ride tomorrow.

Help! I’ve got most of a bike to clean off.

What’s the magic cleaner for this bustard stuff?

I had this happen - found this advice on net:

Removing tree sap from a car/bikes finish is a bit more difficult than tar, as hardened sap can easily scratch your paint. Hand-rub the sap spots with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol will remove the sap without damaging the finish. Mineral spirits and denatured alcohol act as a solvent to break up and dissolve the sap.

If you can’t find denatured alcohol use autoglym.

Autoglym Intensive Tar remover, nothing beter!!

what he said, otherwise remove the tree! :smiley:

What Autoglym can remove trees! Obviously I’ve never read the instructions. :blink::smiley:

I’ve always had that problem when I go and see my folks. Always found very hot soapy water work well, but that was a sycamore tree.

definitely especially if previously applied to a chainsaw!

Whatever were you doing to “manage” that? Romping in the woodlands on your bike?:D:D

Thanks for the advice guys. Someone at work used a wallpaper steamer to soften the goo and then hit it with the solvents. But then he doesn’t own an Italian bike, so doesn’t have finish quality problems.

Jetsteam You’ve got me. It was that wild Bacchinalian summer solstice again. Me and a few dancing girls with walnuts in their navels cavorting borrock naked in the boondocks with the bike safely parked up in a leafy bower.

…and why wasn’t this in the Event Section? :w00t:

You think I want to share?