Travel insurance question

I’m looking to buy some standard travel insurance. When you look under “activities covered” most of the companies do not cover motorcycling. To save having to trawl through all the fine print of all the price comparison sites, can anybody recommend a company whose policies cover motorcycling over 125cc?

Wouldn’t your bike insurance cover the bike travel while you are on the bike, and the travel insurance cover the rest?

Edit: Sorry, I was thinking about touring on my bike. I assume you are talking about while renting a bike?

I’m going abroad on the bike but I think if I was to have an accident whilst riding the medical insurance wouldn’t cover it. The E111 isn’t sufficient either, a friend fell foul of that one once so I always like to have extra cover.

I think Virgin does.

No, your bike insurance is to provide financial recompense to parties, either another vehicle or other people, that are injured by your bike. Travel insurance is to cover YOU for, among other things, medical expenses should you fall ill or suffer an injury whilst overseas. Many travel insurance policies class motorcycling as a dangerous persuit that they will not cover.

Thomas cook seems to cover it -with usual exclusions like racing etc

I always use the Post Office travel insurance. They specifically list that riding bikes over 125 IS insured on (IIRC) all their policies. (ie, on all the different levels of policy)