I’m thinking of riding to romania/Transylvania for a six day riding/camping trip in august.
In particular the Transfăgărăşan highway

My furthest point will probably be the southern tip of lacul vidraru

has anyone been over that way on their bike?? Any hints and tips, Places to avoid, roads to look out for??

Hey Adam - Romania’s a cool place, and darn cheap too!

I went out there last year with some photography friends, one who’s Romanian.

I guess you know about Top Gear and the Transfăgărăşan. We took a minibus up there by semi-accident, nice road and views and would have been even better on bike.

Though watch out for the tarmac … the Romanians seemed to have a knack for digging out 10ft strips of tarmac randomly out of the road, allegedly to fill in later, though we didn’t see many filled in.

We stayed in the city of Sibiu which was quite nice, and visited a small village of Sibiel - which seemed to have some interesting gravel roads, and on the edge of bear country. Also, did a day trip to Sighişoara - where Vlad the Impaler was born. Quite a cute, gothic town we really enjoyed -şoara

Travelling by motorbike sounds a great idea in Romania, as the public transport was pants. I’m looking forward to going through there as part of our next adventure.


I havnt seen the top gear stuff! I was just browsing about on google maps and chose it,

Will be going between the 13th and 21st of august definitely just havnt decided on a specific day to set off,

Your September trip looks quality,:slight_smile:

Er . . . take plenty of garlic and a crucifix! :smiley:

It’s the first thing that crossed my mind too :smiley: Interesting choice of destination Adam :slight_smile:

I just thought sod it, I havnt been over that way before so I might as well go for it!:smiley:

Booked my ferry :slight_smile:
2000 on the 12th return 1800 on the 19th,
France, Belgium and Germany will have to be motorway just to get the miles knocked out of the way!

Have a good trip Adam, we’ll be very interested to see where you got to & some pics when you get back.


Honeymoon!! Ha that won’t be till january! Il’ll be all on my lonesome for this trip :slight_smile:

I hear rumors about your new bike tug???

Doh! Just seen your avatar! :slight_smile:

Good luck Adam, have a nice trip :slight_smile:

hey, good choice, I wish i could do that…maybe next year with a serious bike not a 125.
I wouldn’t say you have to worry about something in particular, if you get pulled over by a cop that asks too much money just call 112 and ask for another “team” to check 'em out. Make a complaint if they intimidate you that’s it.
My best advice would be to get a camera and a pay as you go tel number. it’s damn cheap and in case you’ll need to take that phone call.
Romania is not like Ukraine, you dont get beaten nor robbed by the police…
hope you enjoy the trip. post some pics after