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Transporting long packages

I’m considering getting a shelving unit from ikea. The delivery charges are rather pricey, so I’d like to take it on the bike (no car). The journey is about 40min. The parts/boxes it comes in are pretty long, though:

Width: 7 x 3 x 171 cm
Weight: 1.80 kg

Width: 2 x 1 x 102 cm
Weight: 0.21 kg

Width: 28 x 5 x 80 cm
Weight: 3.02 kg

I was thinking of putting them sideways on the pillion seat, then put a cargo net on each side (securing the nets to kriega hooks I have sticking out from under the seat) and throw in some bungie cords around the tail.

Does that sound reasonable or am I mad?

You can get a whole van for under £40 a day. Maybe don’t over complicate things.

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And if I had enough things to even half-fill a van, that would make sense. As it stands, I would be paying more for the van/delivery than the shelving unit itself.

Er Mad …

170 cm across pillion seat .

Think you will have at least 60cm overhang each side …


Go to shop
Buy items
Get Uber or similar to deliver .

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170cm across a pillion seat :flushed:

That’s basically about the same as the width of a car…

I mean I’ve seen it done in Greece and I’m sure it’s technically feasible, but very inadvisable

And I suspect the police might not take kindly to you if they see it

Zipcar hire?

For a 40 minute journey I wouldn’t. How much will ikea charge for delivery?

Sounds like a mate and a pint or two situation to me.


take the bus?

That’s an improvement on delivery, should save about £10. Still £30, though. I guess I might have been spoiled by amazon…


Sadly, no car license.

These two might be the best/cheapest options :thinking:
It will take me twice as long to take public transport and I’ll need to take a bus and a train.
I might have a mate in mind, though it is getting busy with the holidays coming up.

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I’d give it a lash (see what I did there) at your own risk of course. I used to commute in/out of London on the Bonnie with a 1700 x 200 x 100 mm 10 Kg pack on the Bonnie. Planted the pack on the rear pillion footrest more or less pointing skyward, bungee tied it to the footrest carrier, pannier rails and wherever else I could. Did that 20 mile commute in on a Monday and out on a Friday for 6 months without issue, taking in the M25, M11 and A406 during rush hour including speeds of up up to 70 mph (honest Officer) and filtering where necessary.

As a specialist in strapping silly things to the back of my bike, I can wholeheartedly agree that 1.7 is way too long and daft to attempt.

What you need to do is strap one end to the pannier rack and the other end to your crash bung. As long as you have enough space to put your leg inboard of it of course.

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Only just realised items #1 and #3 both are times 2.

I think that just takes it past mad… You’ve reached Boris Johnson level of optimism despite all facts telling you otherwise :joy:


You just need to embrace bosozoku culture & then you could just strap it to the pillion seat! :upside_down_face:


Whoever said these bikes weren’t practical?


Weight isn’t an issue. 1.7 is basically as tall as you.

So why not stick them down the back of your jacket? They stick out the top and you can just ride them home :slight_smile:

Or if that proves too restricting on your movements - I’d just catch the bus.

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I’ve tried that before, trouble is it hits your helmet and pushes your head forward.

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That is pretty amazing :grin:

Likewise. Even carrying something much shorter sticking out from my backpack would always interfere with head movements.

Anyways, after considering the options provided in the thread, managed to coax a mate with a bottle of JD to pick the stuff up with his work van and bring it to me. Thanks all for your input :+1:


Can you strap the package alongside the bike - with one end resting on the pillion foot rest and then med section being bungied onto the rack in some way - you do have a rack?

Thanks, but it’s sorted now.