Trailers & insurance

If you tow a bike on a trailer and it gets

a. Stolen
b. You crashed

Do you claim on the car insurance or bike insurance?

(Not happened - was just wondering - given am about to tow a bike for the first time)

I’d say if you’re driving the car then car insurance.

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Also never tested it, but while it’s on the trailer is no difference to any other object in a trailer, so car insurance (if that includes trailers)

I’d suggest (without knowing) that if stolen, it’s like it’s stolen from a garage so you claim on motorbike. But I bet you any insurer will try to wiggle out of this…

If you crash, you claim on car insurance, assuming you have right (trailer) cover and it’s not TPO

I’d say theft would be down to bike insurance.

Accident? Hmm, could possibly be car insurance, assuming the trailer & contents are actually covered by your policy. Which they quite possibly aren’t… But even if they are, there’s a good chance there’ll be a fairly low max payout limit.

Of course if its your vehicle & you’ve not declared a tow bar as a modification, you may find they’ll just void your policy anyway… :wink:

I don’t remember being asked about mods on the car - but did defo request towing be included. Presume that’s all good as you can’t tow without a tow-bar.

On the stolen one, you’d need to make sure you’re covered as it could be considered “in transit” and therefore may not be covered.

Seen things like this with vans hire, van gets stolen, they go to claim to be told was in transit so we’ll not be paying out thankyou.


Most likely not.

To tow a trailer you need to have ticked the towing a trailer box, most insurers will then include third party cover for the trailer, you can add additional cover at additional expense. Normally you can only have an insurance policy for one vehicle, which means that the car insurance will not cover a motorcycle if that motorcycle is covered by another policy.

To protect the trailer and contents fully you’ll need extra insurance cover, then check with your insurers exactly what’s covered…

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all my car insurance policies have always covered towing a trailer without my requesting it, I think it’s fairly standard

However this is always 3rd party only cover - as I found out as I was researching caravans. Separate comprehensive caravan coverage is recommended, I’m sure the same thing would be true for towing a bike trailer. Also note that in my research I think I found out that if you prang someone with your trailer, the damage you cause to the other party comes out of your car insurance + excess and the damage to your trailer and contents would come out of that separate policy + excess so while insured it can be a very expensive mistake to make!