Trailer Trash

You need to look at the torque output not the CC
My 2ltr diesel (hybrid) has more torque over the 3ltr JLR v6 diesel

Similar to my last car purchase, looking at 2017-2019 then I realised the 1st April 2017 car tax bands. You need to look at first registered before 31st march 2017, likely is you could save the cost of an annual service and MOT on the car tax.

How much weight are you towing? A little 2016 1.5 DCi turbo charged Nissan Qashqai, Renault Captur or Ford Kuga all pack a decent punch providing you get a manual not the dippytronic automatic.

and the room in back with the rear seats folded will take a kitchen sink or two or three and then some.

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I thought this was a bike forum? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have a welder

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1300kg. Main requirements will be:

  • Tow hook
  • Adaptive Cruise Control whilst towing
  • Air suspension
  • Automatic

We’ll be going on long trips into Europe with it all, so want it to be comfortable and easily able to tow that weight, no slow-ass pulling out of junctions, off the lights etc :slight_smile:

That describes my E class
Its a 2017 diesel hybrid estate and max towing is 2100 odd kg

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That’ll rule out a punchy 1.5 with their towing capacity of 1200 Kg

1.5L isn’t really my style either TBH :slight_smile:

Though I do wonder if a 2L diesel would be any good. Loads of 2L BMW X5s on the market (loads of SUVs on the market full stop. Seems nobody can afford to run them anymore).

You will end up buying a van now to tow the trailer. :rofl:


Camper Van?

I can recommend a Volvo D5 v90 or V60, comfortable powerful enough and loads of space.

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TBH, I was thinking something like like a Porsche Cayenne, Merc GLC AMG, BMW X5 that kind thing :slight_smile: Defo no diesel van!

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You can get very nice camper vans and it means you can sleep closer to the trailer for security.

Yeah, that would be nice, but driving comfort is very important to us. Driving a van isn’t fun with bolt upright and uncomfortable seats, normally no adaptive cruise control, air suspension, etc. wouldn’t rule a camper out though if it was the right one.

Don’t know where your based Jay but I drive past this on the way home from work sometimes, based in Enfield.

i took my trailer to a car park and spent a couple of hours by myself doing it.

im not amazing at reversing with a trailer now, but i can happily park or move it around for loading. though i have found its something i get noticeably worse at if i dont do it for a few months

The sign on the trailer training says “If you passed your test after 1st january 1997, you will need a license to tow a trailer”
Is that correct?
I passed around then, think the december before (i forget exactly) and i have C1E category, allowing me to tow a trailer on a 7.5 tonne truck.

What a can or worms that is and who knew!

Looks as if you need a Category BE Driving Licence to drive a car/van up to 3,500 Kg with a trailer up to 3,500 Kg or, if the BE entitlement is prior to 19th January 2013 the trailer weight is only limited by the towing vehicles limits.

Category C1E is for the heavier 3,500-7500 Kg stuff.

Yes, you need a BE license it seems. I have one, but I didn’t do anything for it. Just appeared on my license. License says it’s from 2021 and my car license from 2014 (correct).

not quite.

you used to be able to tow a trailer upto 750kg, or maximum train weight of 3500kg if you passed after that

in 2021 they changed it to towing trailers upto 3500kg MAM

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