Trailer Trash

So Mike needs to update his “If you took you car test after January 1st 1997…” sign writing or is that an old Google street view image?

a post on his facebook says about the changes, and how he is no longer needed.

What about a pickup?
My work one is super comfortable to drive and has
electric seats, adaptive cruise control, auto and diesel.

Possibly mate! Good tip, might have look, ta.

If you are in the habit of having a snooze in the ‘driving vehicle’ (between sessions at the track) consider if an estate would be more practical if you can put the rear seats down with a small airbed in the back.

Maybe something like a nice Audi RS4 /6 if the towing capacity is good enough.

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this is what i do.

i have v50, bike on a trailer, sleep in the car.
the v50 is a bit small, but i also have all the trackday kit and tools in there too.

Or roof tent