Traficc warden cought on video!

Can’t remember if I have posted this one here before but…

This is what is missing! That’s all they need to do to be complete, all the rest they are already doing to rip us off!!! See the video:

Classic! *******s!

Ha Ha very good

That is feckin funny Cezar… LOL

Didn’t know they got that extreme. Will be keeping my eyes peeled for them from now on.

You should hang out down the WestEnd more often Chuffster!!! You’ll see US kickin their ass’s!!!

Foxy, I work in Marylebone and I havn’t seen jobs worths like it. They even take pictures of the vehicles here as evidence that they actually put the ticket on! They literally stand there clock watching, tiket comes out the machine the micro second someone is parked too long or the meter runs out. Fortunately I have underground parking, the basteeds aren’t going to get me.