traffic wardens

Anybody else hear this on the news?

wonder how long it’ll take to replace them?

Interesting to see if the fecker that gave me a ticket was one if so I’m going to get off on the grounds that he shouldn’t have been working.

they’ve just said on the London news that just because these people haven’t shown up or resigned doesn’t mean the tickets they issued are now invalid.

So how does that work?

Good, if your not ment to be here good bye.

I wonder if you could do some sort of personal claim against the previous company that was running the traffic warden scam, sorry scheme, for employer an illegal to issue you a ticket.

LOL the statement at the end of the clip that says a fine will be upheld if the person that issued the ticket was adequately trained … illegal or not. Its absolutely incredible.

it is classic, it makes you wonder why the prior company hadn’t done these checks?

still I suppose what has been, has been.

Tip of the iceberg.

How do you think 50 illegal workers got the job in the first place.

Corruption is increasing in local councils.

As they were not council employees you need to explain that one.