"Traffic Enforcement" Small Cars with Camera on top?

One of these in Dulwich every day. What are they for? Not speeding cameras right?

monitoring for illegal turns, bad parking and hashed areas I think

I used to see a smart car with telescopic camera in the roof near Clapham Old Town quite often - used for parking enforcement.

I don’t believe the council can prosecute for speeding - it has to be the police.


But then I thought they can only use cameras where foot patrols will find hard to go?

So could be argued if it’s just a Main Street?

Tables are turned: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OuJnIIDqblY

This is where the clapham one used to park - definitely accessible on foot but then I don’t see any particular reason why they shouldn’t use a car.

Always seemed like a strange place to park it up - it’s not like there’s any real reason for people to park illegally there because there’s not much nearby.

They’re also popular for bus lane offences, crappy parking around school and they’re particularly good at catching people in loading bays who didn’t happen to be by their car for the grand total of 2 mins physically loading something, because when loading we all just fling stuff out the car, dump it on pavement and drive off… <grrrr>

taken from gov.uk:

The primary purpose of any surveillance camera system used as part of civil enforcement arrangements must be the safe and efficient operation of the road network by deterring motorists from contravening parking or road traffic restrictions. Motorists may regard enforcement by cameras as over-zealous and relevant authorities should use them sparingly. Such systems should, therefore, only be deployed where other means of enforcement are not practical and their effectiveness in achieving this purpose is subject to regular review.

The one in Dulwich is catching all the twats that park on the zig-zags cause they are too lazy to walk any further. The florist even puts out cones to warn when the camera car is there and still people park on them…

perfect, thanks. mrs z never gets flowers so no worries.

Only the best most highly trained get to drive them…

Makes you feel all warm inside.

Ha, he must have used too big a coin in his penny racer. At least it has a handle on top to push it back over with.