traffic cops

just a heads up, traffic cops is on now on bbc 1 untill 9, all about bikes tonight:)

Sorry if anyone is watching it because of me, my tv guide says it’s all about bikes, but it’s not all bikes :w00t:

and did you see the us and them b0ll0x? biker doing 100 mph gets 750 fine and 6 points, prlck in car doing 124 mph gets 100 pound fine and ban for 42 days cos he was a new driver.

aye i saw that, was quite a good watch

the guy that got hit in the face by a pheasant needed to go and buy a lottery lucky was HE…???

Well… not my idea of lucky !

That was nasty, Not sure I believe he was doing sixty:w00t: I nearly got hit in the face by a magpye tonight on the way home from work:w00t:

I couldn’t understand that:w00t: I thought that anything over a 100mph was an instant ban?

aye to be fair i thought that biker got off quite lightly considering he was doing over 110mph. And then the kid in the car got bum raped lol( did u see his face, i swear he wanted to cry).

Oh!!! and that div in the audi trying to force the bikes off the road, can’t believe that he got away with it even though they had it on film. Just because he said the bikes overtook him calling him a w*****. Why would they do that for no reason, if they did do it that is. Still no excuse to start threatening them with a car. First he was saying that they were taking too long pulling out of a junction, then the story changed:w00t:

And the guy on the africa twin how lucky was he! got away wiv a broken ankle jeez that coulda been a lot worse:w00t: i would’nt want to hit a horse…:blink:

if i was him i would more pissed about the ditches at the side of the road, how can that be allowed.

Not quite-the young kid was doing “124mph” (in a Lupo for Christ’s sake-was that speed gun accurate?) on a three lane motorway in light traffic. And the twat on the bike was doing at least 60 through a village that has a 30 limit, which was the reason he caught the police’s attention in the first place. Had he have bimbled through the village at 30, he could have continued at 100 mph+ without being seen.

No us and them-unless you drive a Range Rover

was lucky to SURVIVE i meant…

you should see some of the lanes near ME, sheer drops into fields and ditches and one that skirts by the north downs way that’s STILL not barriered.