Tracksense or Yamaha School??

I have found these guys to be the closest off-road schools to London. I know some of you have been on the Yamaha School in Winchester and had a great time so thats already high on the list but has anybody been with the Tracksense guys or with Yamaha School in West Sussex?

Tracksense (Dartford)
Yamaha School (West Sussex)

Yamaha School (Winchester)

i’ve been on the yamaha day at golding barn, not a bad day, im an ex schoolboy mx’er and wanted to get back in the saddle before shelling out for a new bike, gave them my money and even got a go on one of instructors quicker bikes. well worth the money if you want a taster of possibly one of the toughest sports on the planet. oh how i dont miss arm pump.

Go enjoy yourself

Do the Yamaha School. Barry Johnson is an ex-racer and he and his crew are brilliant. Golding Barn is on a good day a brilliant track nestled into a valley, on a bad day it is a clay nightmare. But let it dry out just a little and you have fantastic tacky dirt. The owners of Golding Barn are also great people.

Winchester Moto Parc is also known as Tony Moto, and from all comments I know, it’s a pretty good facility.



Ok Golding barn it is then! Thanks guys! I know I should wait for it to dry but I haven’t been out on the track for months and gagging to do this! I’m gonna risk it! :slight_smile:

Just booked. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :cool: April 25th was their first available date! So if anybody is thinking of doing this, best get on the blower quick, they’re filling up fast!

April should be ok… Here’s to good weather for ya! :slight_smile:


This is Golding Barn in 2003/4.



That’s going to be great!

Just done a 2 day school with Ady Smith and KTM - loved every minute of it. Some mates did the yam school in Wnchester last year and they thought it was great!

Ahhh yes the arm pump…the only way is to ride through it…



Nothing’s as much fun as riding a dirtbike. Go on one of those ride-outs in Wales. They are tons of fun.


Watch this space as following this…

I’m looking to be arranging something later in the year…

I’m going on the Barry Johnson school in Golding Barn this coming Saturday 12th!! Booked it a while back, when I had no idea we were in for a second winter.

Will put up a post afterwards to let you know how I found it. Spoke to Ady Smith when looking into off road schools a few months ago and he was really helpful, but I figured his school would be too advanced for me, as it’s a totally different kettle of fish to road riding!! I’ve heard it’s a strenuous day, so we shall see.

Good luck and I think you might have been wise to go for the 25th April - weather should be better!!

Just have to say this school is the business, had an AWESOME day - am so happy about it and enjoyed myself so much!! Just AMAZING!! Would go into more detail, but am knackered:):slight_smile:

I’m sure Barry and the gang will appreciate the glowing compliments.