Tracker Systems

So in order to save a de-rail I thought best to move to another thread.

Quote: Strange school of maths you went to there my friend…£260 or £400 to protect 6-10K ?

I can appreciate that you know more about this technology than me and you make a living from it so defend the prices. I agree this system is a solution to these problems, but to me this industry should play more of a part in making these more affordable rather than take the easy pickings of those that can afford it.

The average bike value in London would be far less than what you have quoted above and simple economics on supply and demand say that if the price was less more would sell. I would love to find out your views on how or why this isnt happening???

In my eyes there is no one looking at the everyday biker with this system so I look forward to the days when an outside supplier pitches in to the mass biker market with an alternative.

There are many lower priced alternatives, but none are as good IMO.

I agree that manufacturers should do more by installing these types of devices as standard instead of the useless immobilisers that they started installing a few years back.

I don’t think many would mind paying the extra premium for these devices either.