hi can someone tell me what i need to have so i can try a trackday i want to have a go with lessons do you need full leathers?

hi wolfeyes!, me too. i’d like to go on one. can’t advise because i don’t know much myself.

Hey fella, we have a F.A.Q posted up in the trackday forum, take a look;

Wolfy ol’boy, I think Ride magazine do instructor days for novices and seem popular, and I know lots of other outfits do instruction. Trouble is most have a mix of classes and therefore instructors time is divided.

Prob try a pure novice day if poss. or is a great place to look.

And you’ll need leathers that zip together, or a one piece of course. Then you can spank that VFR to within an inch of it’s life!!

But there’s no real mystery you know. It’s what you do every day on the road, but no one is (usually !) coming the other way. It’s easier in fact.

Just have to avoid getting carried away … figuratively and literally!

To be a fast track rider, however, is a different matter. So don’t try.

Thanks Andrew and Jay i’ll be doing some trackdays soon i hope and Darry see you at the ace

I can recomend these guy’s I had my first time on track with them. You’d be surprised at the bikes that turn up as well. Cadwell is a fantastic track too, Jay can tell you all about it . The organisers pride thereselves in there low incident rate. There are loads of instructors there on the day and you will get time with them in the morning sessions and there available to help in the afternoon. They understand the concerns that people have taking there bikes on track for the first time.

I don’t think you can get a better introduction to the track than with these guys.