Trackday tyre wear

Morning all,

Due to the serious fun I had at the Brands trackday on Saturday, my tyres are looking a little worse for wear. There’s still plenty of tread depth left and the sidewalls are fine, but the surface has the usual effects of a trackday on it.

I’ve got an MOT looming and I’m wondering if this will lead to a fail on account of the condition of the tyres? In hindsight, I really should have got it done early, before the trackday!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

if there is tread left they will be fine…just think you ride like a holigan lol :w00t:

Hehe - nice one, cheers! :smiley:

if your worried take the bike out for a ride, i had an mot due after silverstone gp, so just did 50 ish miles at a brisk pace, tyres looked fine after that.

Oh yeah, I’ll be doing that! :smiley:

yep, as long as you’ve got some meat above the wear markers (ahem) then theres no MoT issues

if anything the tyre wear has probably put your tyre back to a better shape!