Trackday Tips (not often mentioned)

Just thought I’d share some tips that I’ve never seen mentioned before, but which I’ve learned through experience.

1) Not everyone attending a day may have integrity and honesty (yep some bikers are c*unts).

Ensure that anything you take off your bike is left in a secure place during your session. Stuff like mirrors, indicators, and other trick bits you may remove to save in case of a spill will be attractive to those that may need replacements and are too c*untish to buy themselves or just because they think that item would look nice on their bike

2) Leave your ego in the paddock…Starting at the back of the pack has it’s advantages

Not everyone needs a warm up lap and so some riders will plough into turn one at speed, possibly startling you or worse, sending you flying and not having the decency to apologise afterwards…Yep that’s happened to me and since then I’ve vowed to start behind all the other fools on track, gradually gain confidence in available grip before really going for it (where I overtake the pack and make my way to the front).

This may or may not have as much bearing in the other groups than it does in the novice group where you get stupid idiots that try to make overtaking moves on the inside, on the grass run off (yes, I’ve seen that too).

Track days are fun, but watch out for the heroes, the c*ocks that should be in the group higher, and the just plain idiots.


True story…

Glad it hasnt put you off trackdays, youve had some bad luck there. Leaving valuables lying around is always a risk but youd think your mirrors and indicators would be safe<img src='' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Unsure' align='absmiddle'> A few riders have asked to leave valuables in my van in the past, might be worth asking some instructors on the day or even the riders youre sharing a garage with. Fortunately most riders do look after each other.

Yeah hasn’t put me off and I’m preparing the R1 for this season…

On a separate note…Riding my bike in track clothes with race pipe to and from the track (daylight MOT)…

Good or bad?

Adz I may have to use your van services at some point.

Ooops, I’m one of those that likes to start at the front and push hard from the go. Thing is, my pace is far below the fast boys, so I quickly get overtaken I like it though, makes me want to do better!

Good advice though Afro.

in my experience the paddock are in the majority very friendly and helpful. the first day i did i did on my own and didn’t have a clue. didn’t bring all the right tools and had a wander - people in garages a fair way from mine lent me stuff on trust (which i was quite surprised at).

its of course worth being careful with your belongings, and tidy them up/put them away/out of sight if they’re desireable. also try and share your pit with friends/get to know the people around you so they can help you and keep an eye on your gear (esp at lunchtimes)

my girlfriend locked herself out of her car on sunday at the track, with some of my gear in it! (we broke into it with alarming ease tho…)

which track did you experience that with the racer 1st corner? at brands they’ve normally released us 2 at a time with a gap between each. If yo’ure riding in a quick group, you’re hopefully competent enough to be ok with people outside and inside your line (and should always be a bit prepared for someone doing a cheeky, eh jonesy ).

even with the warmers on, i prefer to take it a bit easy on the first lap to get up to speed and settle into a rhythmn. a number of bikes pass me who want to get on the pace straight away which is cool with me (i try and take the opportunity to watch their line and braking/drive) and it avoids me being caught up in any bunching.

had someone try to pass me on the inside entry to surtees, and someone decided to go for the outside line at the same time - not a good plan first guy made me run wide, so 2nd guy had to do the same and had a bouncy time over the rumble strips/grass! he gave me a sorry wave as he came back on, and i gave him the space to do so. seem to remember laughing in my lid and thinking ‘ambitious’. fair play, game on…

The last hard pass I had was at Brands, the evening trackday we did. Someone decided they REALLY wanted to stick their bike up the inside of me at Paddock Hill and clipped my elbow just before turn-in. That wasn’t nice as I was commited to my line and had to run off it slightly whilst I regained my composure. It rarely happens though, I can’t remember the last time it happened.

If it’s legal for the track, you shouldn’t have a problem on the road as long as there’s no risk of running out of daylight (advisable to have a recovery service:whistling

The pipe I use on the road got me banned from the track.

I should clarify that on the whole, the sort of people that turn up to track days are a really helpful and genuine lot. Many a time, I’ve had to borrow tools or required help in stitching my bike back together for the loooong ride home, people have been more than willing to help. I even got a load of spare parts put on my bike once and wasn’t asked for any cash.

On the subject of bad overtakes, when an idiot on an R1 ploughed into the back of me, I was at Donington, lap one and in the novice group…I wasn’t on the racing line and was just warming my tyres up when wham…I’m off, smashed my head into the tarmac and cracking the inner styrofoam in my lid, smashing up my bike and me suffering a mild concussion and being carted to a (very sexy) medic. Every cloud has a silver lining eh

If you’re riding an R1, in the novice group, and you do something like that…You’re riding way above your capabilities and endangering others out on track…I actually hope he met a sticky end further down the track…High side perhaps, as he was on the original brutal R1

Buttt…I digress.

I still think track days are the best way to realise your bike riding capabilities, and those of your bike’s. Just be aware of the potential pit falls.

This wasn’t aimed at any of you experienced TDers either…It was more aimed at those, who like me, are about to go on their first TD and may not have anyone around them who can advise of potential problems.

Afro man,

Timely advice, as about to do my first trackday at Sneterton on 11th March - looks like I’ve blagged space in a garage and will keep an eye out for tea leafs, and loons on R1’s


That move of Jonessy wasn’t bad IMO…It was close, but clean and you can see knew what he was doing…Not like you’d start to lean the bike right in a left hander.

You should have caught him though…Why was he accelerating away from you like that…Get 'im…Get 'im and then use the superior R1 brakes to late brake him and the superior R1 power to blast 'im when the track open s out.


I’m talking b*llocks mate…Good vid.

No worries geezer…You’ll have a great time at Snett…Very open and fast.

Watch out for the double apex right hander and the chicane…And enjoying topping out your bike (almost) on the straight.

Loved it


that’s 108’ish brake v’s 140+ just getting on the power early (and probably something to do with i know i dont have to ride the tangled mess if i do bin it to work on Monday morning…)

To be fair im doing low 54’s around Brands now, and Ben is still learning, later on in the day i took a few laps out of my hectic schedule of tearing the ass outta my mate to take Ben around a few laps to follow my lines etc.

I wouldnt fancy getting on the power as early on an R1 let alone a road going brand spanking new one thats for sure

I knew that Ben would see me on the inside there’s no way i would have done that if he didnt know, although it does look close in the vid

Oh and don’t underestimate the power of Bendix MRR’s combined with Brembo 19x20 M/C and race fluid

Afro - that sucks mate.

I try to leave stuff all in the boot of the car but there’s always some stuff in the garage.

You’d have thought you could enjoy a day at the track without some tw*t helping themselves to your gear.

Every trackday ive ever done i’ve never ever had a problem with things going missing, people have borrowed tools, footpump, tyre gauge, etc etc… and i normally take a big kit bag that all my clothes, wallett, watch, vid camera all live in !

I was suprised myself…Never happened to me before, and I think it must be a rare thing.

The TD organisers normally have somewhere secure you can leave your stuff so that’s the way to go if you don’t have anywhere else to leave yer things.

Pah…I’ll take you on the inside on an RS125…A bit like my young racing friends from the Aprilia forum did when I organised a trackday for us all at Donington and this 17 year old kid was mixing it in the advanced groups with the litre boys on his race RS125…

I couldn’t stop laughing that day, especially after they all had smug grins and chuckles at him for being in the advanced group on a 125.

After the first session…No more laughing

Gotta love the failure of penis extensions.

Bring that 125cc then You have to ride it though, no 13 y/o spotty Rossi soon to be

Those little blighters in superteens are doing 54’s round Brands Indy, the corner speed they carry is rediculous!

I’ll be at Snett on the 11th so may see you there.

I really don’t want to put you off at all (as I’m sure you will have a great day) but this is 1 week before New Era start their SuperClub championship off at the very same track. So expect a paddock full of race bikes and a lot of people getting their bikes sorted for the racing a week later.

But if you are in the novice group you will be fine.

If you want any help or advice, please feel free to pop along and say hello - we will have 2 Black & White Hornet 600 race bikes (they should have the numbers 8 and 23 on them)

Snett is very fast so make sure you have plenty of petrol and that your tyres are in good shape.