Track day!

Is anyone else completely devastated all track day events have been cancelled!

I’ve had a lay off from track riding but I was look forward to booking Brands GP up and having some real satisfying track time…corona virus has other plans!

Yes mate. I had a few planned this year. Luckily nothing paid out in deposits. I feel your pain!


Me too bud. Postponed and deposit held until further notice. There’s nothing like a track day in Autumn rain :slight_smile:

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The weather over the last few days has been perfect just to rub it in!

Typical hey pal!

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I hope it’s not that long dude! I think construction sites will open up at full steam on the 27th

my sites are still open

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Yeah some of mine also but the main larger sites are closed for me.

Two booked, paid close to a grand for a towbar (long story) and bought a trailer…

And then they get cancelled ffs

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Gutted for you pal!

I can’t wait to get some track time in…I’ve got plans for the garage though!

Proper man cave coming up!!