Track day bike

I’m wanting to get a track day bike are there any sides that are good to go on for this except the usual eBay?
I don’t want anything expensive for my first one decent cheapo should do.

As you’re fairly new to it, I’d go for a bulletproof Jap 600. Honda cbr, kwak zx6. Buy something old, they vastly over engineered their bikes during the 90’s to impress the European market with their reliability. Buy a common marque, lots of parts available on ebay. Look at trackbike ads , the often come with lots of trick bits and can be cheaper than buying a stock bike and buying parts for it. Wrong time of year to be buying, so take you’re time and look for the bargain. They do slip through the Ebay net sometimes. Speak to Big D, he gets some superb bikes in which he breaks for parts, perhaps if you greased his palm with the appropriate amount of silver, he might part with one for cash.

I’m currently looking too…

I’ve just done the same. It’s old (2003) but with 11k miles and in great condition I couldn’t not buy it off a mate.

It’s great to have a bike that I can play about on (on road/track and mechanically) without the pressure of ensuring it’s ready for the Monday morning commute.

So far Donington is booked for later this month and then 3 days at Park Algar in May :smiley:

is that the one you bought? looks nice, how much was it if you dnt mind me asking?

so I got myself a track bike today not the most expensive one but will be ok for my first one, is in good condition and already all set up for the track


@ Scorch…How does one get in touch with Big D to purchase one of these please?