Toy cameras

This picture…

… on Sid Throttle’s ‘Crossing a red light’ thread put me in the mind of some of the softish, vignetty images produced by the sort of cameras you get here.

Does anyone use one of these cameras? I have a Holga, and love it to bits!

I bought my girlfriend a Diana, not that she actually uses it :smiley: They are great fun, just a pity the film is such a pain and expensive to get developed (does not support 35mm film)
But even with Photoshop, or DXO Film Pack software you cant match the effects of these cameras…great fun

that’s why I love my Holga! It supports 35mm films, much cheaper :slight_smile: I got it from my grandpa who collects old cameras, it was total surprise that it actually still works! After that I really got into the subject. I went to a neat lomo store in Berlin, if you like the subject and you are visiting Berlin have to go there!