TOWiE Wednesday 10th April 2019


Leaving The Bungalow Cafe, 45 London Road, Marks Tey CO6 1DY at 1400 hours sharp. Heading for a quick bite at the Silver Ball Cafe, London Road, Reed SG8 8BD on some of the finest tarmac in Essex. Leaving the Silver Ball at 1600 hours sharp for a both ways sortie of the Baldock Bends before heading down the old 1960’s course of the A10 to London Bridge and onward to the Borough Market. Make your own ways home.

Roadworthy (Euro 3 compliant or pay the £12.50 ULEZ charge) mo’cycles, fullish tanks, empty bladders. No boy racers, no girl racers, no hooligans. Old lags and retired vegetarians welcome.



Mmmm. Is ducking out of work at 1 considered too early? I’d love to make this. I love the county and the show.



If you’re going to duck out at 1 is there any real point in going in?

Carefully consider the route before making your mind up. There’s a lot of 1960 A10 in there



Not all vegetarians are retired. Some of us might be currently under-employed but we still have to show willing during the working week. You might have more luck recruiting old lags