Touting for "bods" EAA at Dunton sunday 13th

Ok, so sue me…:)I have a post in the rideout section involving help with marshalling for the 10th year Harwich run which leaves from Dunton on sunday 13th, after much stunting and food and vids, showing. I am in need of bods to help marshall?

Know some LBrs are going for the ride…hope to see u peeps :smiley:

But…if ANYONE and i dont care if ur on a scooter, 125, car, bicycle…anything…wants to get involved i HAVE to know by tomorrow latest…(well i can stretch to Thurs ) in order to forward names to Dunton…so i can get passes and tickets for free brekkie etc…

You will receive your hi viz jkts and told which zone to go to for marshalling, which will involve showing the hundreds and hundreds of bikers where to go…err…i mean, where to PARK !! :stuck_out_tongue: Then when your section is full, you just move along to help out any of the other marshalls, but they rarely need it, we have Busa55 !! Then after a few hours of entertainment, you go back to your zone, and wait until instructed, then let the first of the bikers OUT so that they can move along to go back out onto the A127 to make thier way to the Harwich Festival…you can then either go and play catch up with them all, or you can go home, to the ace or wherever !! :wink:

Its all to help out the Essex Air Ambulance (come on, we ALL know they do a cracking job cos LB sponsers LONDON Air Ambulance and they do the same job, if you have a accident in essex or london, would you care which one came to airlift you or a loved one?)

Please read the ride out section and let me know…if u dont want to or cant be asked…tis ok…i will still love ya …just !! :w00t::P:D:)