Tourist Trophy Game for PS2 - out since the 2nd June!

Its out now. Has anyone got it and can let me know if its good or bad before I go and buy it? lol

I finished all my licences yesterday.

It’s a completely different animal compared to TT.

It’s made by the guys famous for the gran Tourismo series and the set up is identical.

Licences , races, NURBURGRING and ALL your favourite bikes…

best bike game out there.

buy it!

Really what is the handling of the bike like?

Handles better than MotoGP, TT .

you can feel the tyres losing grip etc and the bike is great fun in ‘Professional’ mode…

you really have to ‘read’ the tracks, especially some of the mountainside ones where the tracks drop away…coz so will your front if you push it too hard!!

Laguna seca corkscrew is as hard as it looks on TV…gotta get it right or by!

It’s a great game…

Looks like a top game, shame its not out for the XBOX.

Might have to go and buy it then! cheers people.

I’ve bought it recently, and although good it’s not the sort of game you can jump on play straight away, it takes practice and lot’s of it. If you like something you can just play straight off then I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s had varied reviews on other bike forums, most saying great game but not as good as TT.

Only had the game since Friday last week and as the weather was so good I’ve not had chance to get into it yet but it has great promise for wasting entire days and providing ridiculously late night!!!

Xbox? … we’ll have no swearing here!! lol

I ordered Tourist Trophy yesterday from … looking forward to it … I can even race my bike in it! Get in!!

yup…I am having immense pleasure hooning around on my blade…and no costly repairs when i fall orf…which i am doing regularly!!

Yeah, I have seen quite a few debates about the game. I like it purely cos it has the bike I own (2005 Gixxer-6) so it is pretty cool to hoon around on your actual bike which is cool. If you play the game on standard settings it is pretty easy and the graphics look cool… In tourist trouphy mode you only race against one other opponent which I thought was a bit lame. Nice to see all the bikes and how they sound although I don’t recall my 89 VFR400 ever sounding like the one in the game !..