...touching base

just saying hello really and intorducing myself.

i ride a 06 r1 and live se london

hope to meet up with some of you sometime on some ride outs!

Sorry I read that as touching cloth! hehehe. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Welcome to LB, home of fun and filth! Oh and sexy bikes

hi and welcome to LB

hi im in SE london to give me a shout if you wana ride up to the ace or the london bikes meet

ohhh and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and a big welcome to u gaza ;0

From one Gazza to another! Welcome to LB Matey!

Welcome to LB

cheers guys.

Adz I’m in se london as well so will definitely take you up on that offer mate…when next you out riding?

Nice Avatar

Welcome aboard!

Hi Gaza,

Welcome aboard mate


cheers for the warm welcome peps!

There’s loads of us SE London mate. Welcome to LB.

hiya & welcome

hope your well


i 2 live in se london 5mins away from adz wen ever u 2go 4 a blast count me in

oh yeah welcome to lb