Totally Fresh Newbie! :)

Hi there!

Been thinking what to write here for about 2-3weeks. It feels like I’m here for a job interview. Guess it’s even more! It’s a pass to one big and happy family.

I need to mention that I don’t ride and don’t have a bike. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love bikes and I know some stuff about them. Never had a chance to learn to ride though.

So, what I’m looking for is:
a) friends and as I said to be involved in that big family;
b) maybe someone would like to teach me how to ride. that would be awesome!
c) and maybe I could be part of ride outs on the back:) (for a change - tea/coffee&pie)

Would be nice to hear! Suggestions, similar stories mostly anything!!


Hi :slight_smile: I’m sure there would be a few people that wouldn’t mind taking you on the back, what part of London are you in?

Hi, welcome Rabbits, we`re sure you will prove most popular.

Hello and welcome.

It’s best you got yourself on a CBT day. Teaches you all the basics of riding. You’d probably enjoy it so much that you’d want to buy yourself a bike the next day! :slight_smile:

As for me I’m taking a direct access course as soon as I return from serving overseas so it would probably not be the best idea getting on the back with me being an un-experienced rider.

Welcome to the family :wink:

Welcome!Have a look at:

Welcome to LB!

I guess I was in the same boat as you when I joined here, and I’ve made some amazing friends and a very patient member of LB taught me how to ride. I would suggest doing the CBT though on a scoot, to get a feel for riding and that way when you’re ready you can go out and buy a lil 125.

Good luck and look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

As Chris711 has prompted, have a look at the Get On website. They give you a free session on a bike or scoot to see how you like it.

But i’m sure you’ll find a few peeps that’ll take you pillion :wink:

Hey welcome. I’m sure you will enjoy it here. Everyone always does. I certainly did…



Hey Rabbits!

Well, unfortunately the good old days of being able to ask someone to teach you how to ride are gone but I’m sure you’ll enjoy ride outs this summer at the back of some really sleek bikes.

Welcome to LB… now I’m gonne go and introduce myself to the forum coz I’m a newbie who couldn’t be bothered saying hello:)

will says hi and welcome :smiley:

EVERYBODY! Thank you for a warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Means a lot! :wink:


welcome…take time out to meet a few peeps on a wed night at one of the regular spots at either the ace cafe, borough market or blackheath tea hut and you might meet someone who’ll take you for a spin.

if you havent already might be a idea to start looking for some bike gear to get you started and safe whilst on the back


hope you see you at BTH

hey hey hey treacle :wink: