Toseland to ride Moto Gp Ducati next season?

Livio Suppo, head of the Ducati Marlboro Moto GP squad apparently has given discreet approval to the possibility of James Toseland being aboard one of the factory’s 800cc V4s next season. This would probably be a seat in the d’Antin Ducati satellite team.

Toseland in Moto GP would be great but if he was offered this ride i wouldnt be surprised if he turned it down in view of dAntin`s poor team record, even if the new bike was great.

Its a great opportunity for the guy but i’m not sure he cut in MotoGP yet, whats the point in going if he’ll be running at the back of the pack!!!

He would wallow in mediocrity if he took the offer, unfortunately.

I think he would surprise a lot of the GP regulars if he could secure a good bike and team. Toseland is young enough, hungry to win and still getting better as a rider.
In my opinion he seems to be one of the very few WSB riders who is still improving but another season there would be holding him back.
I think he`s ready for the next step and has the right approach to adapt and go well in Moto GP.

the word on the street [well,] is that the 2007 Ducatis will all be pretty much the same spec, as they go to 800cc there arent 2 old last years machines to bung D’Antin’s way, so JT would potentially get pretty much the same spec bike as Capirossi & Gibbon. The same story reckoned they would also be on the same top flight Bridgestones as the factory team unlike the Dunlops they have this year, would be nice, but I will believe it when I see it . . .

I think Jay is right, Toseland is good and young and hungry but I don’t think he stands a chance next to the top MotoGP riders, even on the best bike. He’d be mediocre at best.

lamb to the slaughter, far better riders than JT have tried to cross over from WSB to GP and not made an impact …

If he moves he needs a top flight team backing him; otherwise its such a waste - as you say other good riders have tried and failed…good luck if he does