Toppling Saddam Hussein and other undesirables

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the CIA actually put into action some of their more imaginative ideas?

That they actually filmed Osama talking about his gay conquests is hilarious.

I’m pretty sure it will only be a matter of time before rumours of Cameron and Clegg working late over a sandwich start to surface.

Who says they don’t put some of their more imaginative ideas into action? Like rigging/allowing a terrorist attack to provide a cassus bellie for a military invasion of the middle east and central asia.

The international intelligence community and other experts are close to 100% sure that the Russian secret services blew up apartment blocks in Moscow in 1999 (killing some 291 Russian citizens with them) so that they had an excuse to invade the breakwaway repubic of Chechenya (they blamed the Chechens for the attack).It’s a case of the ends justifiying the means - not that I agree with it.

Cor, you are a

Well this is current affairs - which implies a cetain level of seriousness.Perhaps you should have chosen ‘general chat’ if you were looking for a more light hearted response?


tis an end of an era for me no matter whats going on in the world…

NinjaJunkie has changed his avatar piccy after all this time…the wind of change is upon us all…and the end of the world is nigh:D.


I’ve been trying to lighten up a bit with the new pic. Obviously ain’t working! :stuck_out_tongue:

Money makes the war machine go around.

It is not like the CIA doesn’t have form -

Although that list is is very circumscription. There are much longer lists of coups, attempted coups, assassinations etc that the US and CIA have instigated or supported through dirty tricks.

Arguing over something that we, the public will never know the full details of is pointless.

Worst thing is, it isn’t even a new idea, The Nazi party did the same thing back in the 30s.

So just roll over and let governments do what they like and don’t bother thinking or objecting to it? Sounds like living in North Korea. :wink:

Yes mate - as old as war itself - most wars are cynical and despicable - the ultimate human failure.

but you have no power so you can bitch and moan, scream,punch and cry, it still wont make anyone doing anything about it. Only way to change things is force,fact.

Yes mate - force is what changes things - but not eating the sh1t regularly dished out by power is a matter of self respect and balls - a lot of people round the world endure years of prison or pay the ultimate sacrifice and die because they are not prepared to eat sh1t.For some people - opposing something they consider wrong and unjust - whether they can change it or not - is simply a matter of intellectual and moral self respect.

Every now and then they get lucky and actually manage to change things for the better.

Completely agree with you - spirit of resistance great or small is so important.Speaking of which, budget day tomorrow & there are going to be lots of little demos around the country protesting against the government’s axe murderer approach to the public sector. Much more rebellion to follow - no doubt.

None of the people moaning about public sector cuts have so far any solutions for what to do about the problem. Even Labour were planning savage cuts before they left.

The CIA carried out all sorts of dirty tricks during the Vietnam war to instigate trouble and to fan the flames, overthrowing legally elected officials, murdering innocent people in order to present evidence of North Vietnam’s advance into South Vietnam, even though before the US Govt got involved North and South Vietnam weren’t even at war with each other!

Dr Martin Luther King didn’t have any real power when he first became involved in tackling civil rights issues, he mobilised people into peaceful protest because he had a shared belief that people could make a difference if they stood up for what was right…

I am sorry Steve… but that is utter utter bullsh*t that we apparently have swallowed hook line and sinker. Oh there is nothing else that can be done!


Feb of this year:

“The bank, which did not take any direct state help during the financial crisis, said its total bonus payouts for staff had been reined in to £2.7bn.”

Oh so just the £4bn in bonus for staff from just two of the Banks then, let’s keep telling ourselves that we have to cut pay in the public sector, and cut services and rein in the public sector spending!

It is the usual stuff that happens in this country, some issue arises, we then use that issue to justify massive changes that inflict upon the life of everyone in the country, while repeating that it simply must be done, and people just roll over and accept it.

This is the same reason that we have lost double jeapordy, the same reason that the police can stop and search us on the street anytime they like, the same reason our local councils can spy on us etc etc etc.

Will people ever learn? Of course not.