Can’t ride the bike at the moment because my back is buggered. I can just about get in the car with a bit of swearing.

Now I have been told I shouldn’t be driving due to the medication that I’m on.

I’m am not a happy bunny. :angry:

damn!! that sucks mate!

hope you cant take the train/tube also! :wink:

Unlucky mate, I know how you feel… are you on tramadol?

Well I use the trains and tube to and from work. But shopping and other things are by car/bike.

John, I’m currently on Tramadol, Diclofenac, and Diazepam. It’s only just controlling the pain not eliminating it. Getting sick of taking pills at the moment, but without them I can hardly walk.

Still better than the Amitriptyline they stuck me on, as that caused severe sweating, hallucinations and insomnia (which I thought was great as it is used to treat sleeplessness!?!)

think you should go to a vets mate…get put down !!! :slight_smile:

:frowning: thats crap, sorry to hear that, but I agree, it’s the knackers yard for you :smiley:

I wont be far behind ya tho’

I’m beginning to feel that way. Haven’t been on a bike now for 5 or 6 weeks, and I can’t see myself getting on one for a while to come.

Well before I go to the knackers yard I have an urgent priority referral now. Which doesn’t inspire me with much confidence that it is going to be a simple fix. But I sincerely hope that it is.

really hope you sort this out Kev! :ermm:

ps or just exercise and loose weight! :hehe:

:frowning: we shud start a back pain club :smiley:
Mine still hurts from my offroading misshap :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel better sweetie :slight_smile:

sorry to hear this fella :frowning:

Exercise and loose the weight he says! :rolleyes: I can hardly walk when the meds start to wear off, I shuffle like an old man, and after a hundred yards my feet have gone completely numb.

As it is I have lost 22lbs so far this year. And there is more lose still.

seeing as YOU cant use ya bike…lend it to me to put some miles on it and save my nice new tyres :D:D:D

will even lose ya chicken strips for ya and let you pretend you did it…see how fair is that ? :):slight_smile:

You are such a cheeky fecker. If I wasn’t so mellowed out from the diazepam I’d slapped you. :doze:

Sorry to hear that mate, it must be depressing feeling like that.

And that was before he had back problems!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get this sorted soon Kev. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re still suffering Kev :unsure:

It may not be an immediate fix, but in the short term your referral may help them find a better way to control the pain more effectively without you being drugged up to the eyeballs. Best of luck mate.

Maybe one of these might help fella…

Take no notice of Charlie Drake, he thinks chicken strips come from kfc, the fat c*nt :P:D:)

If you get stuck and worried about your battery going a bit flat, I’ll pop it up route #32 and the stunt spot for ya on friday :smiley:

Hope you get your sh*t sorted out mate, keep ya chin up ;):slight_smile:

I like it! A couple of P90s to finish it off and it would be perfect! :smiley:

Cheers Tel, nearly spat my tea all over my laptop! :smiley:

And Steve that’s how you offer to ride someone’s bike. :cool: