Top Gear: Bike vs Supercar vs F1

Just came across this recent Top Gear piece for the Sydney Top Gear Festival.

  • Marc Webber
  • Casey Stoner
  • Jamie Whincup

By the engine-sound, the F1 car is from before the recent major F1 changes too.

I’d like to see Marquez do it on his GP bike

I bet that would be a different race then :smiley:

I doubt it. Not on that course. Too many long stretches for the F1 car to get up to speed.

This vid however puts a smile on my face…

it did look like stoner was on a pretty stock Honda, probs some suspension upgrades and slicks but not much more otherwise, so I think one of todays GP bikes would last a little longer before getting passed. the F1 will always win though, just cant compete on power, grip and aerodynamics.

I prefer the Top Gear episode when they done the race between an F1 Car and a Stock Vauxhall Astra they let the Astra go and held the F1 back for about a minute then let it go, it caught and Lapped the Astra before it completed the Lap!!