Top box mounting brackets, what do I need?

Looking to put a top box onto the bandit,

(Pref Oxford, as givi is over priced IMO and the others seem like crap quality)


I have no idea what I need.
Do I need to get a givi rack?

Do i need a renntec rack?

Do I need to buy any thing else?
Don’t Oxford sell a complete setup? :crazy:

you can get givi topbox plates that bolt to that renntek rack. downside would be it’ll wobble a fair bit.
Givi for the quality every time really.

Of course what I did was get a mate with an angle grinder and welding rig and made one (that’s stronger than the original one I might add)

Brand new Givi stuff does cost a fortune, especially the decent quality Monokey range, but there’s plenty of second hand boxes in reasonable nick out there. Getting hold of second hand racks/plates for specific bikes is trickier, even when you they crop up, they’re often missing bolts etc. Check out some of the seller shops on, most will post to UK and often work out cheaper. For instance: I got a brand new rack for my Fazer, with M3 plate for £66 delivered, it’s usually about £100 for the lot over here. As for box I got an old 52 ltr Maxia box with back rest on it for £35. Bit scuffed and not quite as round shaped as the newer ones, but does the job fine.

I had a Renntec rack on the Bonne’ with a cheap Chinese manufactured ‘Givi style’ top box from ‘Lexteh’ an ebay seller.

The quality was fit for purpose and I’ve not had any problems since adding an extra bracket, bolts and wing nuts, which you’ll need to do with any top box if want to guarantee it’ll be where you left it at the end of a trip. Search for the ‘lost top box’ threads, seems even the Givi’s have a reputation for falling off.

My top box tips areGive careful thought to sizing, big enough for your needs, small enough not to affect the handling.
The really big boxes can affect handling, it can be as if you’ve got a fidgety pillion at times.Check it’s secured every time you load it up