Too slow, so I took it back.

Felt like Donkey Kong on that thing, but BOY did it fly! :hehe:



Who you using for Aprilla test rides mate ?

And from the rear…


Blimey - has Alex lost weight recently???:smiley:

and changed his underwear! :smiley:

lol both man and bike are “bottoming out” :smiley:

What do you know about Alex’s underwear Pan?:sick:

Why do u change Alex’s underwear :stuck_out_tongue: ewwwwww

i know what i see and i dont see any :slight_smile:

cause you are off sick and couldnt give him a hand as you normally do :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG :w00t: Pan seriously! :smiley: :hehe::Whistling:

i could make a ref that mentioned you, a job and a blow but i wont :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Just cos u want one :wink:
AND u are a little trouble maker u :stuck_out_tongue:
AND no cookies for u :smiley:

so you will make some then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope she remembers to wash her hands first after all the above goings-on:w00t:

Lmao - nice one Shane!

They had one up at Welwyn Garden City a while back - so I thought ‘What the hell…’ and took it out for a quick blast.

For u babydoll anyday :wink:

Why do i always get myself into such a mess :stuck_out_tongue: And ewwww to all of the above goings on :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and for the record i ALWAYS wash my hands :wink: Rule no1 in the kitchen :smiley:

Yeah - the 250cc replica size for that little Italian rocket is quite something. Well at least you enjoyed the ride :slight_smile:

Wish I could say I like it, but the previous generation RSV Aprilia generation really did everything a street rider wanted and more. This little RSV4 baby is just another number …:cool:

That must be Taz Motorcycles in WGC

Hey you lot! GET A ROOM! :smiley: