Too cold to take the bike out. Brrrrrrr

Hope to see some of you fair weather bikers in one of my fathers properties in the morning. A warm welcome guarenteed for all.:wink:

sorry mate ive been evicted lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe on the roof stealing the lead :slight_smile:

Unless he also manages The Golden Lion then 'fraid not! :slight_smile:

And ‘too cold’ ??? Never heard of such a thing.

Guess he did live in a warmish climate?

Too cold my ass, just back in from Box Hill and Bury Hill :smiley:

Good man Ricky, fancy a bimble tomorrow:D

Hmmmmmm, we’ll see :wink:

Sorry, gave all that up when I was told I’d have to believe in miracles - parting of the Red Sea, Loaves n’ Fishes? Hmmm…

I thought you said “too cold down Stace’s knickers”. How did the battery work again anyway?

too cold!!! been on the bike everyday!

Box hill, bury hill, country lanes all day today and brighton yesterday!!!

hardcore!!! lol

7wheel: lol my undies were hot thats why my alarm worked lol

basicaly my alarm fob got that cold that it stopped working! so i just warmed it up and away we went again.

was good seeing you again :slight_smile:

Rest assured you are all in our thoughts and prayers:)