TOMTOM rider mount + engine vibrations

Iv got a Tom-tom rider (Urban)

Ive not had a problem with it at all, apart from the satnav mount just falling apart once I fitted it to the SV.

One of these ones:

I bought a new one and within a hundred miles or so I noticed it also had just had the crap vibrated out of it, causing the little plastic gromits to wear faster than normal.

I sent it back and got a refund, I then emailed Tom-tom and explained it to them (Im still waiting for a reply).

Anyone had similar problems or got a way round it, without using a material case.

I’ve gone through a few of these, I’ve pumped silicon into the back of the current one and it’s fucked again, but least I haven’t lost the front part this time.

Ok so it seems there just **** with a bit of vibration?

Maybe Tom tom should accept it as a design fault and put rubber plugs on the grommits.

They added metal pins on some of them, but that didn’t help.

Yeah, I’ve had five or six of those. The electrical workings also vibrate their way to non-functionality.

The cynic in me suggests this is intentional.

I just put up with the vibration (my satnav’s mounted fairly vertically) and I carved a chunk out of the bottom of it so I could plug in the in-car charger rather than charging off the mount.

Either TOMTOM monitor this site or someone on here works with/for TOMTOM.
I v Much doubt its a coincidence, my response said…

“Thank you for taking time to contact TomTom Customer Support. My name is Maria and we are always happy to help.
From your e-mail, I understand that you have found that engine vibrations seem to be destroying the plastic dowels on the mounts causing them to come loose.
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
I would request you to please use Rubber padding or Rubber washers to avoid damage due to high vibrations on roads.
If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via email or call us at 0845 161 0009 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM UK Time.”

NO ****! Why dont they just design them with this function?

Mine has always had the rubber padding on the handlebars and have still failed/

My Old CB500 was a bit vibey and went through 2 Garmin Zumo 550 mounts, both were replaced under warranty. The plastic eventually started to develop fractures. The 660 mount is a much better design. The new bike is an inline 4 and is a lot smoother so I’ve not had problems with it.

I had this on the old Rider 2. Absolutely pony that their mounts still have problems

i ended up sticking to small self tapping screws in the sides where the pins go.
ive not had a problem since…