tomtom repair recommendations?

anyone know anywhere reliable and cheap to fix a tomtom rider? power pin has snapped off, and was playing up before that (only switching on with secondary power source)




thanks puppy, will check it out (the forum, not the bin that is :wink: )

Can you not open it up and install new power leads to some point inside then add a little in-line plug and socket ? Would cost you next to to nothing for a little 2 pin sure seal connector.

to be honest i’m not sure enough about what i’d be doing. if it were just the power pin then it would be more worthwhile trying but the unit was already having issues before that.

spoke to tomtom and they’ll collect and repair. only issue is that that they wont advise even an estimate.

Could get travel insurance for £20 that includes accidential damage cover :wink:

thats a good flipping point Mark!

My Garmin 550 has just cost me £116 to be repaired, fixed price repair no matter what’s wrong with it, mine needed a new touch screen and LCD. Should be back before the weekend.

ow!! :w00t:
thats not far off half price for a new one!

Is that the price from Garmin?

tomtom repaired it for free!

apparently had a 2 year warranty on the unit. they sent out a special del postage/packaging thing to me and turned it around within a week.