so is anyone up for heading outa town tomorrow im free from 12ish…

gona be a nice day and i realy feel the need to spread the gixers wings a bit.

post up of pm if your up for it.

coast/south downs maybe?

im up for some of that adam

well i liked the roads from dorking do bognor…

Just didnt like bognor!!


im up for heading that way that way and seeing where we end up.

ill pm my number ross

adam check yo pm, if you dont mind a gay flashing disco light bike…

ooh i wouldnt mind coming but im probably gonna be too slow for you nutters!!! he he, but i am going to the ace if anyone wants to meet there?

dont think he wants me to go anyway he was online for half hour when i sent the PM…

wassup my flashing lights too much for ya???

dude… i didnt see pm

I love you bike si its ace

see ya later

if we ever get out… box 2pm

i am up for that

how was your friens run Si??

shge said it was ok but she thinks she is gonna die…

cheers adam cheers ross all good, but man was it fuckin hot

yeah it was hot…

Nice time we meet at 4 am k si?

4 am as long as we get a fry up on the coast???