Tomorrow Sun 6th Dec

might show up for coffee before heading to work…
That is if I don’t take to long choosing which 675 to take out… :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave the one with rusty chain at home!:slight_smile:

Oh yes, need to get out on the bike so see you there;)

none have a rusty chain… It is gold!!!

Julie, Slap him for me please!

Sorry Frederic, the only slap in this house is “slap & tickle” - we are a domestic-violence-free-zone. I will punish him appropriately later :kiss:

See you in the morning:)

Thanks Janus & co for an excellent day out;) what a lovely sunny day it was too:D

Well we met up with Rioting Rob in the Ace and set out under lowering skies in a westerly direction. The sun broke through on the M4 near Reading and soon we had sunshine and wall to wall blue skies:)

We joined the A4 at Newbury and had a short stop in Marlborough

A detour via Devizes brought us to Bradford upon Avon and the Fat Fowl cafe.

Rob was impressed when the mens toilets were called “c0cks” but disappointed to see the womens was called “hens”. God only knows what he expected:P

A short ride brought us to Bath and the Christmas market, a visit to the Roman baths and Pump rooms and an extended lunch break.

Rob was ammused by the co-ordinating hats and horse:)

And my illuminated tiara:P

Unfortunately Julie failed to master the camera and our visit to the Royal Terrace was not recorded:w00t:

A visit to Wells ensued

Here we used the toilets in the cathederal cloisters:blush:

We returned via Glastonbury and Frome to join the A303 before joining the M3 for a little filtering practice:D

Thanks to Rob for the good company and fine weather:D

Wow…i’d love to go on one of your trips you go to some brill places and take some fantastic piccies!:smiley:
That 3rd pic…what is that building? its huge!!:w00t:

It`s a mill in Bradford upon Avon converted into appartments:)

I had things to do :crying:

The very short ride to Wilkinsons in Slutton to refit the entire bathroom for less than a tenner showed me what a great riding day it was!

Do share your parsimonious bathroom upgrading tips - we would be most grateful:D

Bath mat £4
Towel £2
Loo roll holder £1.75

I also splashed out on a flat sheet for the bedroom (£3) that pushed it to £10.75 for a complete bathroom and bedroom makeover!

I seriously thought you were on a windup! Nice one guys.

What about? Giuliano’s bathroom upgrade? It’s a very seroius matter.

The rideout? You know we always take them seroiusly. (Have you solved “Masquerade” yet? - still time to find the clues and catch up;)

I must say Giuliano - your shopping lists get better and better

I thought nothing would top gravy browning and beer but this has just blown it out of the water! :hehe:

The rideout indeed - Bath ffs! In December? Way to wet and cold for me:w00t:

Anyhow - Masquerade - you need to put all your clues in one place and label them as clues - then I might be able to put my mind to it! All I have sussd out so far is that you are going to bury an old brown vase somewhere. lol

Two old brown vases to be precise, containing buried treasure (of sorts). There will be two winners. Look in the Masquerade thread, follow clues hidden on Sunday nights only - so not that many:hehe:PS - As you can see it was neither cold nor raining. Have faith next time.