tomorrow night

anyone out?

need to get out as works been so busy, fed up standing round ace and always doing same old crap though.

Aint in mood for an eye bleeding rideout along roads that only terry moto know either…

anyone feel the same and fancy getting up to some mischief? :cool:

We’ll be in Cornwall for the weekend. Hope you find someone to go out to play with! :smiley:

and i apologise in advance to all those who like their routine standing or sitting around ace cafe, drinking lots of tea, debating doing something, then deciding to go home before it gets too late :smiley:


I’ll be at grad ball!

(yes, exactly that…)

Make your mind up steve, do you want to go out or stay in, rideout or sit looking at your bike :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and terry says feck off lol

im coming out, but im open to suggestions for locations and things to do :smiley:

just cant be arsed going on a 100mile route 666 :stuck_out_tongue:

hang on a min, does that mean your currently entertaining terry? :Whistling:

Why not leave the bike at home and go to the Ealing beer festival - that’s on Friday

:satisfied: Yes I was :stuck_out_tongue:

so what did u do?

Im sure i see u at the ace…