Tomorrow Night

Now I know this is a post for ride outsetc…but I is confussed! Havent been for a while due to lazyvitusness, work and couldntbebotherednesscauseitmightrain, so was lookin forward to tomorrow nights BMM.

Now I’ve been told that people are going to Brands tomorrow…? So, my question to you dear speaker is this: is BMM on tomorrow or is it not? If it is all well and good, if it is not what is happenning at Brands, what time and can anyone join in? I have the whole day off so I am free. Oh, and will it cost!!! Please. dear sant can you help…


Ah cheers R1cky, LB TRACK DAY! That answers a cpl questions, ie; can I afford it? No :crying: would I like to go? Yes :D.

Ah well there is always next wednesday :smiley:

Unless anyones going anyway?

chunky and i were talking about going i’ll head over after brands…possibly

Aww how cute :slight_smile:

steve you’re a c1_1nt:w00t:

MODS !!! send henry to the naughty step…he been swearing :w00t:

yea i mentioned the c1 that should have me banned:P