Tom Tom rider

Tried and tested both together. Works very well with noise and ear plugs in. I bought additional Scala Q2 headset. Wife on the back can listen to radio and mp3. Sat nav takes a bit of getting used to with it taking you down some naff farm roads. £340ish for nav, £100ish for head set. It’s and extravangant amount of money but I’m fed up with 2 cups on a string and stopping to look at a map!

Taking calls on the move is ok aswell although not somthing I get into the habit of doing. I’m due to go to Holland nxt month so I will give the kit a real test. Fire away If you have any question.

My Tom Tom R2 has proven itself over the past year or so that I’ve owned it but there is one ‘feature’ I could do without. On occasion it tells you to turn just a fraction too late i.e. just after you’ve gone past the junction. As you know it says something along the lines of ‘in two hundred metres turn left’ then supposedly just before you get to the junction it says ‘turn left, turn left!’. Now usually the first instruction is plenty but out in the sticks the left turn might be two hundred metres round several fast twisties with various left turnings on the way. As I say, sometimes I hear the ‘turn left, turn left!’ just after I’ve gone past the junction I was supposed to take and I end up taking the next one. Annoying more than anything and doesn’t happen every time but it would be interesting to know if you have noticed the same thing.

Not yet but today it told me to take the 4th exit on the round about and there was only three! I havn’t got the Ram attachment yet to fix it to the bike so i’m relying on voice commands at the moment and no visuals.

Yeah! must admit my TT R2 has its moments:w00t: I think all sat navs do. Have been all over europe with mine, well worth having:)What ram mount are you looking for? you should have got one with the unit.

It did come with one but it won’t fit due to the bars having lots of switch gear around it. This other mount is to fit just in the centre of the bars (stock?) Where the hole is.

I prefer the Garmin software, in my opinion it’s easier to use and is less inclinded to sending you up the wrong garden path!

As for mount Evo tech do a neat tank mount.

Thats the one I use, can’t remember were i got it from now. You may well find that the one supplied will also mount using the brake or clutch lever mounting bolts but you may have to get longer bolts.

I;ve got a tomtom rider v2 and there are two problems…

the first is that the software isnt the best when it comes to plotting trips, I like to plot actual waypoints and the likes and to do this i use a third party piece of kit called TYRE…

the second is that if i am out on a ride out and i want to track where i have been during that day, tomtom doesnt allow you to do it, while the garmin will track your trip all day and you can then save it…

Busa, how have you got your tomtom hooked up to your starcom? I got a starcom digital the other day, and i am trying to work out how i can get my tomtom to come through the starcom as the tomtom doesnt have an out feed like the garmin… i didnt order the bluetooth adaptor kit, does it need it in order to play it through the starcom?

You can only get audio through the bluetooth with tomtom and garmin zumo 550

At the moment I have it to my Scala rider head set. tried with starcom but the volume did not raise and drop with speed of the bike, and the bluetooth kept disconecting. I have a starcom bluetooth thingie:) you can have cheap (£40) if you want one. I spoke to starcom about the problem and they said it must be my tomtom unit at fault??? not so sure as I have just had it totally refurbed.

I use the TOMTOM GO930 its got headset and bluetooth output

must sell my GO730 that I thought I had lost so bought another :w00t::w00t:

Hi. I have TomTom Rider2 with a scala headset. Do you know if it is possible to buy just another headset and link them for rider/passenger comm or do you have to buy a set for that?

No, if you want to have TomTom and rider to pillion comms via ScalaRider you have to buy the ScalaRider ‘Team Set’ and it aint cheap.

£109inc. It has radio and an mp3 connection. I’ve just to Holland and it worked fantastically. Unfortunatly you have to search for different station when you are out of signal or in a different location.