Tom Tom Rider 2 not charging on bracket

Hi guys and gals,

I have a TomTom Rider 2 bracket on my bike (yeah I know, lame, but i HATE getting lost and wasting time looking for places) and the Tom Tom charges fine at home, but not on the bracket anymore.

On the bracket there are 4 pins, and I pulled out my trusty multimeter and started checking the resistance of the pins. I get no readings once the first 2 pins are involved, but if I touch multimeter on the last 2 pins I get a reading… Probably too high a reading for my liking… I can’t remember though, was a few weeks ago…

Questions -

Anyone knows if only those last 2 pins are the ones required for charging?? Or shoudl I be getting a continuity reading on all 4 pins?

I have not looked further in the wiring, but at one point in time it would be charging for a little while and next I check it is not… So definitely a connection problem or wiring problem, just wondering if anyone knows which pins should show continuity, before I start tracing wires under tank, inside frame etc…

Thanks a bunch for any advice / tips!!!