Tom tom one

I have a tom tom one. This is a standard model and this means it only comes with a car mount and is not water proof …

Is there any way that I can attach it to the handle bars of my scoot ( so that it can be removed as well :wink: ) considering that the actual “bar” is hidden by the “dashboard”? ( any mount would have to attach to the mirror stems or the left grip)

Secondly, is there any point as it is not water proof? I don’t have the money for a new tomtom Rider :frowning:

If it is the original version of the TT ONE put it in your pocket and wear headphones to hear the instructions. Later versions lack the audio socket.

As for mounting it - check out the mounting companies on the internet they have all sorts of things that would work on mirror stems etc. As for waterproof - some people have had success wrapping £50 Satnavs in cling film.

what i thought was a headphone socket isn’t its for a traffic device :blink:, i guess it is a newer model. I can hear when my phone rings from my pocket, i think i will see if i can hear the speaker.

Nice idea about the cling film though the tomtom is not strictly mine so cannot afford to brake it :slight_smile:

If it has the traffic socket it is a much later model v3 or later I think. Only v1 had the headphone socket.

put it in a freezer bag that keep it dry, does mine :slight_smile: