Today in History


Presidents of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia accept a US-brokered peace deal to end the 43 month war in Bosnia.

1974IRA bombs planted in two Birmingham pubs kill 22 and injure a further 120.
1958In Britain, work starts on the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.
1955American rock star Elvis Presley signs an exclusive record deal with RCA.
1953The discovery of the Piltdown Man skull by Charles Dawson in Sussex in 1912 is finally revealed to have been a hoax.
1936Britain gets its first television gardening programme: ‘In Your Garden’ with Mr Middleton
1934Cole Porter’s musical ‘Anything Goes’ opens in New York, making American actress/singer Ethel Merman an overnight star.
1918At the end of World War I, the German Fleet is surrendered to Britain at its northern naval base at Scapa Flow.
1843Thomas Hancock patents vulcanised rubber.

Births and deaths1945American actress Goldie Hawn.
1934Novelist Beryl Bainbridge.
1922Greek-born American actor Telly Savalas
1909British comedian Ted Ray.
1888American comedian Harpo Marx.

1695Henry Purcell, English composer dies of tuberculosis, aged 36.

You missed 1988 when my son was born

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