I will be on my big bike for the first time today after passing my test on tuesday just gone.

Flyby and myself will be at the Teahut on Blackheath should you fancy meeting at 5pm.

All are welcome - I think we’re gonna hang around there for a little while before going on a mini rideout.

So may see you there…!


What mini roundabout?


ha ha!!!

Mini ride out, omg I should go back to sleep!

(Pav slaps himself badly)

I feel better now. Any particular destination?

ideally not too far - just see where it takes us I suppose :slight_smile:

yes…yes…yes…i’ll be there babes!!!


Only just seen this, will be on our way in 5mins, hope you are still there when we get there. only down the road:)

Hope you had fun mate, was down at Box Hill this arvo with a few supermoto fiends, still cant get those last few chicken strips off the back wheel!! Bike had it’s first chance to really go for it and it did not dissapoint. I expect you feel the same way on the 400. See you on Wed night and lets have a good catch up about BCW (saw you on Sat afternoon on Chelsea Bridge)

good mini meet. a very nice bike you have there,

Andy! Those pics are lovely!! Thank you:Wow:

What a lovely ending to sunday.



Nice bike Lou. :w00t::hehe:

Has it got a big brother for me???:w00t::w00t:

But without the big powder compact on the back::slight_smile:

yes nice little mini meet. how’s the wasp sting Andy?

Congrats darlin’!

See you on a rideout soon :slight_smile:

Can’t be there at 17:00 myself, but, am going to Brands Hatch to meet mate after hsi evening track day. Should be there about 19:00 and then going to The Pied Bull in Farningham if anyone wants to meet up for a chat/berr/food - you get the drift.

This was last Sunday chuffster:w00t:

Blasted IT, its so slow…

Anyway, I will be at the Pied Bull in Farningham later if anyone is out and about and wants to meet up for some social.

Congrats on passing your test Lou and I like the new family member :wink: