To those on a rideout in London yesterday

To the **** ******* **** ******* that had the cheek to overtake me, a fellow biker - sort of?!

How dare you, i was first in the queue of overtaking but i was waiting for a carrier pigeon to drop a written invitation to me before i took the opportunity! I started huffing and puffing in my helmet, thinking “how very dare they” and then another one overtook me.

I know the guy on the superduke was behind me waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting but I didnt realise he was waiting for me to overtake. I thought he was checking out my nice round tight **** in my leathers!!

You should’ve known that you guys on real bikes would’ve damaged my delicate ego and that I would be a complete and utter pr!ck about being overtaken. What you should’ve done is all waited behind me untill I could use my limited skill and power to execute an overtake.

Also, was the milkfloat that overtook me with you guys as well? otherwise im gonna have to find a milkfloat forum and get a rant going on there too!

From a very boring miserable old ****

Bite my bright yellow highly reflective dayglo arse. ;):P:D

that smileds a right fugger aint he!:smiley:

i was going the opp way and saw the old chap in his electric chair go past you. think the only person left behind you was tugs.

I feel for you fella :wink:


Those grannies on mogodon are such bad tailgaters :smiley:

The person driving the milkfloat was Sneaky…(its a sideline of his !!) :w00t: (hed try and overtake in anything him !!) but to be fair, he had you in his sights and when you didnt make a move, he took the moment from you !! :w00t::w00t::w00t:Better run now !!! :smiley:

And i thought it was cos you ride a Harley :w00t:

Don’t you mean a Hardly? :D:P;)

Pissed my hi-viz laughing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


A typical rant from a Harley rider.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mayor Boris says that cause my milkfloat runs on electrickety I have right of way. There is also a covenant in Roadcraft about having the wind to starboard making my overtake clearly on! Where’s Jimshoe, he’ll tell’ya!:cool:

I’m also yet to fall off the milkfloat at 20mph and break my knee, so dont knock it!:angry:

PMSL :smiley:

It was a superduke.

Consider yourself lucky it didn’t mount you roughly and ream you out to 50mm diameter. :slight_smile:

Bleurgh… :sick: Dude! I was eating my lunch!:P;)