To the rider of the Black ER6 reg ending TZU, in accident this morning in Streatham...

…collided with a police van head-on while you had the green light junction of Streatham High Rd and Gleneagle Road (A23/A214), about 8.40am

I have video of your accident in glorious HD. I gave my details to the police but not sure they passed it on.

If you see this and you want the footage, please PM me and I will send it over.

I hope you’re not hurt BTW, and the bike is fixable.

If you are a Member Hope you are OK.

Trust he’s OK?

I went through there about an hour earlier & the congestion was bad enough due to the roadworks, must have been a complete jungle by that time.

ha ha, if he collided with a police van I doubt they will pass any evidence on at all, they will do nothing to prove they were in the wrong.

Let’s hope someone on here maybe knows this bike & its owner and can pass on the ‘evidence’ :cool:

I’d put it up on YouTube, tagged with the full registration number. More likely that the guy would find it :-). Maybe start a facebook campaign…

Whilst this morning I thought the police van was at fault, I’ve now changed my mind on reviewing the footage - the bike goes through a hatched area bordered by a solid white line in contravention of this rule: “If the area is marked with chevrons and bordered by solid white lines you MUST NOT enter it except in emergency.”

Funny I’ve ridden along that road thousands of times over the years, and never even noticed that hatched area.

I think the rider was ok, he got up and started to walk around, probably in shock but hopefully he’ll live.

Split liability?

Youtube the video

Was thinking if it was me who had the accident, easily identifiable with reg plate on full display, would I want it posted on YouTube and on public forums? Probably not.

He was a young rider who made a mistake and has hopefully learnt from it. No need to make it public without his consent.

Youtube it and cover the registration plate? I know that maybe someone would not like to be on youtube but I do think that posting that kind of videos helps other people. By now I have watched sooooooooooo many motorcycle accidents compilations and from every single one you can learn something.

Is there an easy way of doing that using Windows Moviemaker? It appears the only way to do it is create a series of captions which would take forever, or download extra software especially which I want to avoid doing if at all possible.

Hey pal. I can cover plates and do all that fancy crap.
Lemme have the footage and I’ll post it on my channel. It’ll get maximum exposure.